Land for sale in Tamariu

Are you looking for a piece of land on the Costa Brava? Tamariu offers you beaches and a beautiful landscape. Buy a piece of land and build your house in Tamariu with Costa Brava House.

Land for sale in Tamariu

Why buy land in Tamariu?

If you are searching for a coastal paradise where you can build the home of your dreams, you need look no further. Tamariu awaits you with open arms: we have land for sale in various areas of the town.

The land for sale in Tamariu is the perfect canvas on which to capture your ideal home, surrounded by panoramic views of the sea and a short distance from paradisiacal coves. Imagine waking up every morning to the whisper of the sea and enjoying the Mediterranean climate while sipping a coffee from your private terrace. In Tamariu you will find everything you need to live a relaxed life by the sea.