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What do I have to do if I want to sell or rent a property with Costa Brava House?

If you are interested in selling or renting a property with Costa Brava House, you just have to contact us so that one of our representatives can make an appointment with you, if possible at the property that you wish to sell or rent. During the meeting, our staff will obtain all the information about the property and its features, necessary elements to prepare a suitable property data sheet. We usually take the opportunity to compile a quality photographic report at the same appointment.

Just a few days later, your personal manager will present the valuation which, in our opinion, best fits the characteristics of your property. From there, with our advice, you will decide the price of your property.

Once all conditions have been established and agreed, you only have to sign a listing agreement with us. From then on and until you decide, your property will remain included in the catalogue of our website and in other trade promotion resources (e.g.: prestigious real estate websites, catalogues, etc.) that we commonly use to disseminate and boost the properties that we manage.

Your personal manager will keep you informed about how the actions taken regarding the sale or rental of your property are developing and are their results. He/she will analyse the available information together with you and, if necessary, will propose additional measures.

It is important to emphasise that with Costa Brava House you, as the owner of the property, will always be aware of all actions undertaken. Before making a visit to your property, we can inform you, if you so wish. In any case, once conducted, you will always receive a written report describing what the results were and what our expectations are.

Where can I see the property portfolio of Costa Brava House?

All properties (apartments, houses, plots, etc.) for sale or rent by Costa Brava House, are available through our web portal www.costabravahouse.com. On the site you will find a file, updated in real time, with all the details of the property, its description, location, price and pictures.

You can also visit any of our offices in Begur or Barcelona. You will find all the information to get in touch with us on the contact page.

What is the energy efficiency certificate?

Since last 01 June 2013 (RD 235/2013), it is mandatory that properties for sale or for rent provide their energy efficiency certificate.

This document, drafted by qualified technicians, contains all the information about the energy characteristics and CO2 emissions from an address or part thereof, in relation to its size. Using a scale of seven letters from A to G, A being the best rating, the certificate specifies the level of CO2 emissions in relation to the dimensions of the building. Thus, it is intended that the buyer or the tenant can assess and compare the energy efficiency as a plus factor for decision making against different alternatives of purchase or rent.

Is the energy efficiency certificate mandatory for all buildings?

No. Certain properties are exempt from obtaining energy efficiency certificates. Below is a list of properties for which it is not required:

* buildings and monuments which are officially protected
* buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively as places of worship
* temporary buildings with a planned period of use of two years or less
* industrial, defence and agriculture buildings
* isolated buildings or parts thereof with a total useful floor area of less than 50 m2
* buildings purchased for major renovation or demolition
* buildings or parts of existing buildings, the use of which is for less than four months a year, or for a limited period each year and with an expected energy consumption less than 25 percent of that which would result from its use throughout the entire year.

What if a property does not have the certificate?

It is mandatory that all properties put up for sale or rent have the certificate. Otherwise, the owners may be punished with a fine ranging from 300 to 6,000 euros, depending on whether the infringement is minor, serious or very serious.