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Sell property on the Costa Brava

If you want to sell your property on the Costa Brava and are interested in knowing the value of your home, at Finques Costa Brava House we help you to know the estimate of its price for free. Trust our experience to help you determine the market value of all types of real estate, by applying the appropriate valuation method.

Our valuations are carried out by expert personnel who will visit the property and analyse all the variables that influence the value of the property: location, orientation, height, brightness and views, neighbourhood, services available around it and many other factors that can be decisive in determining the final value of the property and that at Costa Brava House we always take into account to establish an independent valuation, since we are not part of any financial institution.

This is a service that we make available to you completely free of charge, aimed at all those who need advice in the process of selling their home on the Costa Brava.