Houses for sale in Begur

We have a section of houses for sale in the town of Begur, one of the areas with the most impressive beaches on the entire Costa Brava. In Fincas Costa Brava you will find houses in the coves of Sa Tuna, Sa Riera and Aguablava.

Houses for sale in Begur

Why buy a house in Begur?

Begur is a beautiful village located on the Costa Brava, in the province of Girona, Spain. There are several reasons why I would recommend buying a house in Begur:

  1. Location: Begur is located in a privileged location, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, it is close to several beautiful beaches, coves, and cliffs, making it a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

  2. Climate: The climate in Begur is warm and mild throughout the year, making it an ideal place to live or spend holidays.

  3. History and culture: Begur is a village with a long history and rich culture. There are several historical buildings and monuments to explore, such as the Begur Castle and the Sant Pere Church.

  4. Activities: There is a wide variety of activities in Begur, from water sports and boat rides to hiking and cycling in the nearby hills. There are also several golf courses in the area.

  5. Gastronomy: The cuisine in Begur is excellent, with a wide variety of restaurants serving local and international dishes. Additionally, the region is famous for its wines and cavas.

  6. Friendly community: Begur has a friendly and welcoming community, both for local residents and visitors.

In summary, Begur is a beautiful and vibrant place to live or spend holidays. The combination of location, climate, history and culture, activities, gastronomy, and community makes it an ideal place to buy a house.